30 October 2008

There is an Interview with Martin Parr ...

... entitled "Why Photojournalism has to 'Get Modern'" and you can find it here at PDN. I discovered the interview because it was mentioned in the comment thread following a post by Alec Soth on the Magnum Blog. Alec and the folks contributing comments were taking up some of the points Jörg made re: Nachtwey (see my previous post). All that is way too blog-centric, but the Parr interview is interesting!

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Blogger Stan B. said...

A great fan of his work, I've always tended to view Parr as the modern day successor to Elliot Erwitt. Some have even suggested that he points the way to the "new" photojournalism. I just don't see how his style of "entertainment" and humor would extend to the more hardcore topics that a Nachtwey covers. God knows we have enough jokes reporting news events today.

30 October, 2008 18:08  

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