02 November 2008

Bullshit (Second in an Irregular Series): FOX News ~ Hot Air & Obsessed

It really is quite astounding. Media Matters has posted this brief report on the propaganda campaign FOX has been waging against ACORN. If, technically, bullshit consists in efforts at communication without concern for criteria of truth or falsity, the FOX folk seem to exemplify the genre. Lot's of blather no news.
" Fox News and the ACORN charade

By the end of this month, FNC will likely have mentioned the community organizing group nearly 1,500 times, according to TVeyes.com. (The tally currently hovers around 1,480, which is about 1,300 more than CNN). The cabler's over-the-top obsession with the group's urban-based voter registration initiative has become something of a running campaign joke.

Yet asked about it in Politico, retiring Fox News anchor Brit Hume took great pride, boasting, "We had a great run on ACORN."

Hume's self-satisfying view really does capture the FNC ethos. Because in truth, Fox News never advanced the ACORN story one inch. It never broke any news. It never contributing anything journalistically to the story. Meaning, news organizations never (I don't think) had to cite Fox News for anything regarding its ACORN coverage. And its reporting certainly had no impact on the overall campaign.

Fox News couldn't stop talking about ACORN, and yet FOX News never managed to uncovering anything newsworthy about ACORN. It just rehashed and speculated, rehashed and speculated.

Still, Hume boasts FNC had a "great run" on the story. Why, because it filled up endless hours of Fox News programming? Is that how Hume determines a Fox News success?"

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Blogger Stan B. said...

And lets not forget that a court has ruled that FOX "NEWS" can lie as much as it wants with absolute impunity...


03 November, 2008 13:59  

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