08 November 2008


Ashland, Oregon arrived on
"(Notes on) Politics, Theory &
This notation appears regularly on my Feedjit tracker. It most recently showed up late this afternoon. Of course, it may simply be a coincidence that I regularly get visitors from this little town in southern Oregon. After all, I have readers from all sorts of places. But Ashland is a tiny place and I'd really be surprised if there is anyone there who cares enough about this blog to come back again and again and again. (More peculiar still, the tracker tells me that the link is a direct one - this visitor isn't stumbling across the blog as a result of a google search or something like that. And the odd concatenation of browser and operating system suggests it is the same person again and again.*) Maybe there is some denizen of Ashland whom I do not know, but who just finds the blog interesting; if so, please come back.

I know only two people in Ashland. One is way too young to be visiting. The other really has no business lurking about. My advice to that person? Since being "clichéd" is for you the most lip-curling, damning term of abuse ... well, stop being a cliché. That will make everyone happier - including yourself.
Ashland, Oregon arrived on "(Notes on) Politics, Theory & Photography".



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