04 November 2008

Depicting Displacement

Internally Displaced People leave Kibati heading north from the
city to their villages, Kibumba and Rugari, north of the provincial
capital of Goma, Congo, on November 2, 2008. Several thousand
people displaced in the fighting between rebels and government
troops in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo began returning
home Sunday as a ceasefire held, an AFP correspondent on the
scene reported. (Yasuyoshi Chiba/AFP/Getty Images).

While we are voting, there is mayhem elsewhere. This is one of image in a large set depicting the especially dire circumstances in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) that you can find here. I say 'especially dire' because the situation there has been more or less disastrous for several years. Several things strike me immediately about this picture. First, these children are roughly the same age as my son August. It makes me wonder how they are faring. Second, look at the angry determination on the man's face. Is it simply the senseless danger in which he and his sons find themselves? Or is it, in part at least, the experience of being photographed in that vulnerable position? Finally, this is not a 'humanitarian' crisis. It is a political crisis due, in large measure, to the negligence of western, developed nations who might impose case-fire.



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