15 November 2008

Making American Music ~ Don Byron

Don Byron, Detroit Jazz Festival, 2007.
Photograph © C. Andrew Hovan.

Composer and clarinetist Don Byron has recently turned 50. He is marking the event with a series of performances at the Jazz Standard in NYC. You can find notices in The New York Times here and at npr here. In one of his interviews with Terry Gross, Byron explains that his attraction to klezmer music reflects his "pro-weirdness" and "pro-fun" impulses. And then he invokes prominent jazz musicians - Louis Armstrong, Dizzy Gillespie and Rahsaan Roland Kirk - as inspirations on that dimension. With all the hot air given to defining a restrictive "jazz" canon, Byron is a refreshing, provocative, and extremely talented antidote. (You can find an earlier post on Byron here.)

Happy Birthday! Thanks.

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Blogger Transient Reporter said...

Is it your birthday? Or Don Byron's?
Anyway, happy birthday!

15 November, 2008 11:55  

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