05 November 2008


So here is a nice intersection of art & politics - the president-elect taking advantage of a photo-op with the boys from Wilco. I came across the image while trying to get tickets for an upcoming show in Rochester. The caption on the band's web page reads: "Congratulations to our Senator, our friend, and our President-elect Barack Obama on his historic victory last night." Yes, I got the tickets, even though Caroline disparages my boring musical taste.



Blogger Dawei_in_Beijing said...

I love everything by Wilco starting from A Ghost is Born. Their old material I don't like at all. Ironically, it's the exact opposite with the majority of their fans.

By the way, another Jeff Tweedy project I like very much is Loose Fur. Give 'em a listen.


05 November, 2008 21:16  
Blogger Dan R said...

I'm hoping they play the inaugural address. They played on "the colbert report" a few nights ago and Tweedy got interviewed. He said in 2005 they asked Obama if they could play the inaugural address in 2009. To which Obama responded: "If Hillary agrees". I'm much happier we have Obama instead. After all, who would Hillary have had play? Cher? Or for that matter, what about McCain? Ted Nugent? I base my presidential approval on whether the incumbent likes to rock. What else is important?

Uncle Tupelo is always another great side project in addition to Loose Fur. Less Tweedy heavy though. Much more Jay Farrar. Too bad there's no Neil Young at the Rochester show though.

06 November, 2008 01:29  

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