16 January 2009

Glen Greenwald

Over the past week or so, Glen Greenwald at Salon.com has written a couple of really terrific posts [1] [2] on the incredibly one-sided nature of discussions both in the U.S. press and among our elected representatives regarding the Israeli attacks on Gaza. Greenwald does several things very well and very succinctly: he identifies culprits among the press (e.g., Thomas Friedman at The New York Times) and politicos (e.g., the Bush Administration and both Houses of Congress); he identifies exceptions to the bad behavior (e.g., Bill Moyers); and he brings to bear press reports that shed light on what otherwise seem insane actions, making them look merely despicable (e.g., a report from Ha'aretz last fall detailing plans on the part of the IDF to terrorize Gazans). This is simply terrific work.



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