31 January 2009


I've been in Dublin for the past five days (accounting for the silence here). I head home tomorrow morning. I had heard about the octuplet birth before the trip, but didn't pay much attention. This evening my friend Susan brought this follow-up story in The Guardian to my attention. I will start by saying that my own beautiful son August was born thanks to IVF. I will also say that I am familiar with the obsessions that so often accompany fertility problems. It is fair to say that those obsessions and the pathologies they generated went a good deal of the way toward destroying my relationship with August's mother. The obsessions and pathologies were not all hers. Not by a long shot. But they were lethal.

So when I read in this story that the mother of the octuplets, who were themselves conceived via IVF, had six other children - also all conceived via IVF - terribly disturbing. Not only is the woman apparently certifiable, but the doctor who performed the fertility treatments should lose her or his license. Oh - and I think that the state should remove all the children from the home. It is not possible that living in a home with 13 siblings and a single parent (who deliberately chose to create that circumstance) is in the best interest of any of those kids.


Blogger robby said...

I was discussing this in another internet community and someone posed the possibility that she stole fertility drugs from a clinic. The reasoning went as follows:

-We know she's got mental health problsm. Once we start assuming the insanity starts spreading to others around her, it gets less believable.
-Fertility drugs could easily put out that many eggs. It's a lot less realistic that this woman would find a corrupt doctor to put in that many embryos.
-She had access to the drugs at one point if she worked at a fertility clinic.

31 January, 2009 20:47  
Blogger Stan B. said...

That doctor should be held responsible for all eight's financial concerns for life.

01 February, 2009 12:06  
Blogger Stan B. said...

The good doctor should be held financially responsible for all eight for life...

01 February, 2009 12:10  

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