27 February 2009

Hey Dude! The Strange Wave of Politics

Sand Monster - Ke Iki Beach, Hawaii.
Photograph © Clark Little/SWNS.COM

Clark Little photographing the inside of a tube wave.
Photograph © Sean Davey/SWNS.COM*

It is funny how sometimes a theme will pop out of the media. Today The Guardian is running this slide show of work by Clark Little who has made a career of photographing the inside of big waves. The work is pretty remarkable. Here I've lifted and example of Clark's work and an image of Clark working.

Now for the fortuitous convergence. At The Nation you can find this article - "Surfers versus the Superferry" - that reports on the strange coalition that has emerged in Hawaii to oppose the operation of a massive inter-Island ferry. Reading this essay I was reminded of Rebecca Solnit's reflections on how politics can insitgate strange partnerships. This coalition of Environmentalists groups, "of Native Hawaiians, joined by people of Japanese and Filipino descent and a contingent of New Age haoles (recent white settlers seeking Shangri-La)" and surfers is a perfect example of what she is talking about.
* Update (just a bit later): I am using the credit that The Guardian provides for this photo, but on Clark's web page the same image, accompanied by the caption "Clark Shooting the Shorebreak," is credited to Gregg Miller. I cannot locate a web presence for Gregg but wanted to mention the discrepancy in credits.

Update (27 March) ~ You can read more about the Hawaii case and the (at least) tentative legal successes the anti-Ferry coalition has had here at The Nation.

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Blogger Pete Brook said...

Hello Jim. I came across Vincent Laforet's ongoing project with Jamie O'Brien.

Of course, Laforet is more well known for his aerial & steep angle tilt shift shots of sporting events.

He got turned onto surfing because it simply became too difficult to get security clearance/permissions to fly over major stadia.


Just thought I'd point it out, because I never really come across surfing photography in the mainstream internets! Fitted into your coincidence/convergence speculation.

We can't really talk about photography and surfing without giving a nod to Joni Sternbach.


Thanks, Pete


27 February, 2009 17:56  
Blogger cat said...

be entertained

28 March, 2009 21:50  

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