11 February 2009

Newsflash from The Independent ~ "Batwoman, the Red-Headed Lesbian, is Unleashed at Last"

According to this front-page story in The Independent, not only do the writer and illustrator at DC Comics think this new character is "exceptionally cool," but the reporter claims the her oine's appearance "represents a significant cultural landmark for the gay rights movement." I suppose. But what about the red haired minority? Is this not a giant step for that group as well? After all, the press pretty regularly publishes tales of discrimination (e.g., [1] [2] [3]) against redheads and even dire, but contested, predictions that redheads might be an endangered species (e.g., [4] [5]). I think The Independent owes the 'carrot-tops' an apology!


Blogger Tom White said...

I cannot remember where I learned this but I believe the persecution of redheads goes back to the Roman conquest of Britain. Red hair was regarded as highly magical in ancient celtic and pagan societies, meaning that many of them became Shamans and medicine men/women. Because of their status in the society and belief system, they were persecuted by the Romans. A prejudice that has survived to this day!

12 February, 2009 11:48  

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