01 February 2009

There is an interview with Emily Jacir ...

. . . from The New York Times here. Jacir responded to questions from Michael Wise by email which may account for some of the curtness I detect in her remarks. Or maybe she simply thought Wise's questions were mostly lame. Consider this exchange:

Q. You’re active politically. In the past few weeks you have called for artists to boycott Israel and for New Yorkers to condemn Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg’s recent visit to Israel in support of Israeli military actions. How do you distinguish between your political activity and your art?

A. They are two completely different things.

Q. How so? Aren’t they conjoined, in a sense?

A. Yes, they are conjoined in the sense that this is like asking me how I distinguish between my love life and my art, or my family and my art, or the food I cook and my art. Or my physical activity and my art, or my intellectual pursuits and my art.
I'd say that pretty much captures it.



Blogger Careinthecity said...

Interesting - when interviewed her Jacir said that even if politics and art had to be completely church and state, she'd still want to be an artist.

03 February, 2009 13:38  

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