31 March 2009

Faces of Unions

Congress has emerged as a key battleground in the class war of which most Americans are deathly afraid. Business interests are lined up on one side, labor on the other. At stake is legislation - the Employee Free Choice Act - that will make it less possible for businesses to interfere with union organizing campaigns.

I know, many readers probably think unions are a disaster for the economy. That, it turns out is not so- at least if you look at things like the extreme mal-distribution of income and wealth in the U.S., despite pretty consistent increases in worker productivity. It also the case that unions are very good for democracy.

One group that is pushing for the EFCA called American Rights at Work are running a campaign called "Faces of the American Free Choice Act" which involves posting banners like these on buildings around Washington DC.

PS: My friend Susan tells me that now that the EFCA might actually stand a chance of passing there are a lot of Senators and Congressional Reps who are pack peddling. It was easy to support the act when they knew Bush would veto it. Put some pressure on your elected representatives on this. You can do so via the ARaW web page.

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