05 March 2009

Hey! Look At Me! (Some More)

Eden Crying #3, 2006.
Photograph © Elinor Carucci.

I have a three year old son. When August is crying and snot is flowing from his nose like this what do I do? Do I say, "Wait a sec while Papa gets his camera ... Don't sniff or wipe your nose on your sleeve!"? No, I get a tissue or use my shirt and wipe his nose and give him a hug and a kiss. So I am afraid to say that, despite what the folks at The New York Times think, Elinor Carucci's photography actually is not something "which any parent can relate to."

I have posted on Carucci here and here before. No need to do any more work then necessary; I'll just repeat myself. Carucci "seems to specialize in providing too much visual information about herself, her family, and her relationships. This sort of exhibitionism strikes me a wholly self-indulgent and completely uninteresting." True to form, even though her latest project is called "My Children," Carucci still manages to get into the picture naked

Unfortunately, the folks at The Times couldn't find any other photographer in the entire city to write about this week. It must be a really slow week in the NYC art world.



Blogger beatriz said...

photos that create a hyper-drama out of ordinary, non-dramatic situations are, in my opinion, desperate lies. I look at a lot of photos and this type of photography is amazingly stupid....try 2 years of malnutrition or a bomb in the lovely house. Appropriating crisis is sick.


06 March, 2009 00:48  
Blogger Pac Mclaurin said...

Julie Blackmon's book, Domestic Vacations, captures the issues of mothering in colorful and humorous fashion. Many other photographers capture the mundane aspects of life and the world about us in a way that is entrancing. Most of these photos (Carucci's) are off putting more than anything else. When mom's decide to photograph their children, they need to give it a lot of thought; it is sometimes too easy to love one's photographs.

06 March, 2009 15:26  

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