11 March 2009

Natura ~ Pfahl Progeny

Deer April 16, 2005 ~ Photograph © Forest McMullin.

Thailand Lagoon 1, 2001 ~ Photograph © Stuart Rome.

UGA Extension Bamboo Farm ~ Photograph © Steve Mosch

Desertscape, Death Valley, California, 1991
~ Photograph © Marilyn Bridges.

Female Blackbird ~ Photograph © Jeannie Pearce.

I made it into town today and stopped in to see the Natura exhibition at Rochester Contemporary that I mentioned yesterday. It really is quite good and I recommend a visit before the show closes March 22nd. John Pfahl's "Scrolls" are quietly astounding. But the work of his students is uniformly impressive too. The show includes work by 15 of his students (the complete list appears in my earlier post) but the five whose work I've lifted here stood out as especially compelling.

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