01 March 2009

. . . Oh, and the Scarey Picture Routine at The New York Times Magazine Again

Newt Gingrich.
Photograph © Nigel Parry for The New York Times.

What gives with The New York Times Magazine? Last summer they treated us to a homage to big, bad, scary Rush complete with menacing cover photo by Nigel Parry. Today, we get this story about big, bad, scary Newt, complete with, you guessed it, another menacing cover photo by Nigel Parry. This time, at least, the editors at the mag didn't select an ideologue to write a puff piece. We get Matt Bai their* regular politics writer. Having spent the day watching my son Douglas play lacrosse and then driving the five hours back home, I've only skimmed the story. It is not just another piece of puffery like the Limbaugh encomium. It is hard to imagine it being that bad! My sense is that Gingrich is a windbag and a megalomaniac and that he is surrounded by sycophants.

In any case, I wonder why we got the glowering portrait. Karl Baden, who keeps web site Covering Photography forwarded this pairing of photos last night:

I generally refrain from calling people - even Republicans - fascist. But it is a remarkable visual comparison. And, as for Gingrich, he is an ideologue whose Republicans started us down the path to economic disaster and, lest we forget, a massive hypocrite too. It is a sign of pure desperation, I think, that the Republicans are rehabilitating this guy.
* Correction ~ Thanks Jay!

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