06 March 2009

Stiglitz and Socialism at The Nation

There are two features at The Nation that you may find interesting. The first is this essay by Joseph Stiglitz on what it would mean to nationalize the U.S. banking system and why we need to do it. The second is a set of short essays published under the rubric of "Reimagining Socialism." The lead essay is by Barbara Ehrenreich & Bill Fletcher endorses the socialist ideal and especially the concept of solidarity. Ehrenreich and Fletcher are followed by shorter replies from Bill McKibbon [1], Tariq Ali [2], Rebecca Solnit [3] & Immanuel Wallerstein [4] - with more contributions promised. Interestingly, McKibbon and Solnit, if for different reasons, demur from the concept of socialism.

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Blogger troutsky said...

Fair enough. I just wanted to comment as a socialist who has seen Bill McKibbin speak that I believe his fatal constraint, like so many well meaning environmentalists, is the necessity of appearing "serious" ie within "mainstream" discourse. This allows him to reach a wider audience but never to disentangle the contradiction between capitalism and ecology.

By the way, I thought Cockburn was (finally) courageous in his piece the week before on capitalisms inherent barbarism.

06 March, 2009 01:20  

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