11 April 2009


Jeff died two years ago today. He would've been nearly 17 - taking SATs, thinking about colleges (actually probably talking to the coaches who'd have been recruiting him), making pancakes, really itching to get his driver's license, hanging with his friends, poking fun at his brothers, looking forward to summer.

Recently a couple of friends and colleagues have dropped a line to say they're thinking of me - they know who they are and I thank them (again). I suppose there are others who simply don't know what to say. That is OK too, really. But when people ask me how I am I tell them this: some part of pretty much every day is excruciating, but that is better then when each and every day was excruciating all day. I cry and I rage and I talk to Jeff and, pretty often, I laugh at my memories of him. It depends on the day. I love him though. And that doesn't.

This picture was taken a month or so before Jeff died. The uniform was too big for him. But that didn't matter. Life sure was not big enough. I miss Jeff terribly much.

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Blogger Popelina said...

(...). sigo atentamente o seu blog. um pensamento para si e para o J. um abraço.

11 April, 2009 06:42  

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