12 May 2009

The Nut Doesn't Fall Far From the Tree

So, according to a report by the Inspector General of the CIA that is discussed in this story from The Washington Post, the torture policies that Dick Cheney desperately is trying to defend as both legally defensible and efficacious (in terms of generating 'intelligence' that proved useful in making Americans more secure - whatever that means) turn out to have been neither. No surprise there.

Cheney has been seeking to aggrandize executive power, circumvent the law, and basically spread deception and bullshit since before he became Vice President in 200. Why should we expect him to turn into an honest, insightful person now that he is out of office? Of course, it is important to note that the report in question was issued (and classified) in 2004 so we all have known that torture is illegal and ineffective since at least then! All the more reason to be astonished that Cheney has not a single regret about how he violated the U.S. Constitution and International Law while in office.

Now it seems that mendacity and obtuseness are heritable traits. Cheney's daughter Liz is making the rounds on the right wing talk circuit whining that her father is a true patriot and that the Obama administration is coddling terrorists by showing American military personnel in a bad light. This is typical BushCo mis-perception. Obama is releasing document's and images. If those items show the military personnel to have engaged in bad (read immoral or illegal) behavior, the problem resides not in the documents/images, not in the fact they are being released, but in the behavior that occasioned all this in the first place.

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