12 May 2009

Our Propagandists (4) - Even the DoD is admitting this is Bad News

A little over a year ago The New York Times published a story by David Barstow about how the Bush Administration had been seeding various news outlets with "expert" talking heads in the form of retired military officers. These fine gentlemen, having been briefed by the administration, would go out and praise its policies. This was especially crucial in the propaganda camapign BusCo waged to rationalize the war in Iraq [1] [2] [3]. Oh, and did I mention that these same gentlmen had lots of financial ties to the contractors and corporaitons who were making gobs of money from the Iraq fiasco?

Barstow won a Pulitzer Prize for his work. The news outlets who emplyed these experts have mostly been shamefully silent. Over at Demcoracy Now! Amy Goodman has this follow up story/interview with Barstow. She points out that while in January the DoD had issued a report defending the propaganda program, this past week the Pentagon quitely withdrew that report, characterizing it as "flawed." Ooops!

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Blogger Stan B. said...

There was nothing flawed about it- it worked perfectly.

13 May, 2009 11:37  

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