04 May 2009

When 4th Graders See through You

Well, Condoleeza Rice is facing reality. Unlike Dick Cheney, who seems utterly unrepentant about having been among the prime advocates and architects of U.S. torture policy, Rice is trying to get out of the right wing bubble and talk to the public. Good for her. Unfortunately, she is confronting the fact that many people are expressing views that range grave qualms to outright repugnance. So now, according to this Washington Post report, she has had to peddle a line of bullshit to a 4th grade student who wanted to know about torture and her role in sanctioning it. Earlier in the week it was a Stanford undergrad to whom she offered the 'if the President says its OK, it is OK' rationale. Now she is repeating that canard to a 10 year old and his classmates, adding that 'everything is allowed so long as life is scary enough.' Well, Misha, the truth is that Ms. Rice is making excuses and her excuses are not terribly persuasive. Of course, you already know that.

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