10 July 2009

Obama busted?

I came across this story at The Guardian this morning and thought it was worth sharing. After all there is no actual news coming out of the G8 meeting, right?
Obama's eye for controversy

The US president may have to face the wrath of the first
after being caught looking at a pert behind.
Barack Obama and Nicolas Sarkozy turn their heads towards
Brazil's Mayara Tavares at the G8 summit in L'Aquila, Italy.
Photograph © Jason Reed/Reuters.
Has Barack Obama been hanging round Silvio Berlusconi too long? On first inspection, this snapshot from the G8 summit in L'Aquila suggests the US president is as easily distracted by a pert derriere as his Italian and French counterparts.

What would Michelle think? He'll be sleeping on the sofa, according to Gawker
This is surely meant to be humorous and it is. But of course, here in the U.S., the image of a black man ogling a white woman has ~ in my lifetime ~ been enough to get him killed.
Update: According to this report, an examination of the tapes suggests that Obama may not have been ogling the teenage Ms. Tavares after all. Was Sarkozy? That is something for the French to decide, if they care.

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Blogger Natalie said...

HAHAHAHAAH. perhaps he's been haning out with sanford. le giggle.

love the living room..er..blog ;)

10 July, 2009 18:13  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

He likes big butts and he cannot lie! haha I don't blame him, that Brazilian chick is hot! :p

10 July, 2009 21:52  
Blogger John said...

Here is an outstanding example of how photographs can be misleading. Because they reduce three dimensional space to a two dimensional surface the actual placement of the subjects in space is ambiguous, especially on a cursory viewing. A more careful examination of the relative size of Obama (who we must remember is tall), Sarkozy and the bearer of the pert little derriere suggests that Sarkozy and Ms. Tavares are well, uh, behind Obama. Unless Obama has basketball player’s eyes on the back of his head, he could not possible be ogling the ass. Even if he were, a photograph does not reveal the inner thoughts of the subject. Mr. Sarkszy might be admiring the curls of Ms. Tavares’ hair, the color of her dress, possible the bee that has slighted on her arm, all without lustful intent. He might be looking at the ever attractive Angela Merkle, who might be just out of frame. Actually, it was likely Klaus Tschütscher, the prime minister of Lichtenstein and a notorious tease.

11 July, 2009 07:18  
Blogger Jim Johnson said...

John, Here is another amusing example of collapsed dimensionality:



11 July, 2009 09:37  
Blogger John said...

And here is another:


11 July, 2009 18:34  
Blogger Jim Johnson said...

John ~ That is a stitch - especially given the elephant symbolism in US party politics ... Thanks! JJ

11 July, 2009 19:17  

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