12 July 2009

Warrantless Wiretapping Score Card

So, here is an interim assessment on the BushCo domestic surveillance program:
(1) The report issued Friday (compiled by the Inspector Generals of the various Intelligence Agencies) claims that it was much more extensive than BushCo made out;

(2) The CIA (at least) lied to Congress about the extent and operation of the program - that according to the current Director of the Agency;

(3) The then Vice President Dick Cheney ordered that lying;

(4) The same group of Inspectors General conclude that the domestic surveillance program was ineffective in generating "intelligence."
This comes from reading these new reports in The New York Times ~ [1] [2] [3] . . .

The upshot seems clear: Bush and his minions played on fear to design a program of surveillance that allowed them to sidestep judicial oversight; they then lied about to Democratically elected representatives charged with providing political oversight; they thereby subverted democratic arrangements and infringed individual liberties for a program that was useless in practical terms. You couldn't make this stuff up.



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