21 September 2009

Not a Photography Prize ~ Lynsey Addario Wins a MacArhur Fellowship

04/11/03, Lynsey Addario at work in Kirkuk, Iraq
~ Photo © Chang W. Lee/The New York Times.

Tim Atherton keeps an insightful blog called Muse-ings. I recommend it highly. He has just posted on the work of James Nachtwey, Gilles Peress and Don McCullin, concluding with this query - "Which leads me to: where the work of this sort and calibre from Iraq and Afghanistan (and any other current spot on the globe where human beings are suffering and dying)?"

Today The New York Times has a story on the latest winners of MacArthur Fellowships - $100K per year for five years, no strings attached - given out to smart, creative folks. Nice. And among this year's recipients is photographer Lynsey Addario. You can find her web page here. I have written here a number of times about the plethora of photography prizes - given by insiders, mostly to insiders. The MacArthur folks look across 'disciplines' and worry about past accomplishment mostly as an indicator of future promise. So, maybe Addario is an answer to Tim's query?



Blogger Stan B. said...

A small ray of hope anyway ya look at it...

23 September, 2009 20:50  

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