01 October 2009

Polls & Health Care Reform

Well, the Senate Democrats seem to be selling anything like meaningful health care reform down the river.

Yesterday, according to this report in The New York Times, the Senate Finance Committee, which has panel with gate-keeping power over reform proposals, voted against including a 'public option' in the bill. Such an option would constitute a very tepid commitment to public responsibility for insuring access to health care for all citizens. The Republicans on the committee were, as is predictable, solidly opposed and were abetted by a handful of Democrats.

This is disturbing because, as The Times reported last week, a New York Times/CBS poll suggests that two-thirds of Americans support just the sort of public option that the good Senators simply cannot bring themselves to include in their bill. This, despite the fact, that many of the respondents are unclear about much else in the health care debate.

An even newer poll commissioned by NPR, the Kaiser Family Foundation, and the Harvard School of Public Health was released yesterday. It suggests that nearly three-quarters of respondents feel that the Congress is not listening to the public ("people like you") as the formulate health care legislation. If we compare the results of the Senate Finance Committee recommendations with the Times/CBS poll from last week, it seems that the respondents to this most recent poll are pretty much right on the money.

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Blogger Dawei_in_Beijing said...

The Obama administration is full of lightweights and corrupt individuals, who are wasting four very critical years of this country's time. If they can't handle passing serious reforms, they need to step aside in 2012 and let some folks with a pair move in. What a disappointment and a disaster this Obama guy has been so far! And this is coming from someone who works for an investment bank, and voted for Obama because he believed he could and would reform my industry! HA! The joke's on me!

01 October, 2009 20:38  
Blogger beatriz said...

no public option means no change and means early and avoidable death to people without health care. i was in line at a pharmacy yesterday and saw the people, heard the prices they were paying; i said "it's extortion!!" and another person responded, "it's racketeering!!". Where is the law, the regulation, the justice? Is Obama our worst nightmare?...a well strategized puppet to follow Bush?

02 October, 2009 22:59  

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