11 October 2009

The "right-to-dry movement" & the Next Big Public Policy Debate in the U.S.

We live in the country. And we hang laundry - with the exception, of course, of what my British ex-pat sweetheart Susan refers to as our "smalls" - out to dry as often as is possible. The clothesline runs from the back porch across the head of the driveway to the garage, a pulley on each end. Before we moved here I hung laundry out too on a line with pulleys that stretched from the garage to a big oak at the side of the house.*

In any case, I am pleased to know that apparently all this makes us movement activists. How you dry clothes has become a matter of politics. I wonder what Hannah Arendt would think of public debates over the laundry!
* When she reads this my ex-wife probably will harrumph that that was her idea, but that is totally in character; it is beside the point too since I did at least half the laundry and put up the line as well. Life is too short for harrumphing though. And, much to my sons's chagrin, I'd rigged a clotheslines back and forth across the porch of the second story porch in the Rochester apartment I lived in prior to even meeting the ex; the boys were young then and surely thought clotheslines were not at all cool. Little did they know just how cutting edge their Dad was!

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Blogger Tom White said...

Just when I think nothing could surprise me, I read this story in the paper today and actually couldn't believe some places prohibit the drying of laundry on a line. That is just mind boggling.

11 October, 2009 21:06  

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