11 October 2009

What is it about Architects?

Krzysztof Wodiczko ~ Photograph © Ewa Harabasz

Maya Lin~ Photograph © Enrico Ferorelli

Arundhati Roy ~ Photograph © Shanker Chakravarty.

Alfedo Jaar ~ Photograph: Production Still © Art 21.

That is my question. None of these people works as an architect in the standard sense of someone who designs buildings. They've turned their talents and energies elsewhere. But Jaar, Roy, and Lin all trained as architects. Wodiczko, I believe, did not, but draws a pay check from the M.I.T. School of Architecture. I suppose all of these folks - whose work I greatly admire - have this in common: they are all concerned with shaping public space as a way of working out common knowledge and collective memory.

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