17 December 2009

Some Promising Developments in the News This Evening!

Tonight, interspersed among dispiriting reports of collapsing talks and police repression in Copenhagen, political venality in the Connecticut-Washington, D.C.-Lincoln, Nebraska axis, and bad employment figures across the country, All Things Considered ran two interesting - dare I say promising? - stories.

The first story sketched the financial travails of The Actor's Gang, a not-for-profit theater company in Los Angeles. The basic theme was about the creative and aggressive response the company adopted in the face of impending fiscal disaster. Tim Robbins is among the founders of the group and he reportedly is responsible for the title of the festival they are running. It appears that this group does good work in the community and beyond. So, think about them in whatever end-of-year tax avoidance scheme you plan to implement!

The second story was on a new Christmas record made by jazz pianist Carla Bley - the basic theme was that this was a seemingly odd notion, and that surely is right! I've enthused about Bley here before; this new release sounds pretty offbeat and cool. So, deck the halls.

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