01 December 2009

The Woods Fracas

There is a nice column on Tiger Woods here at The Nation. I have a difficult time with celebrities who enrich themselves via vast PR machines, but who cry "privacy!" when they are unable to control the media. On the other hand I generally could not give a rats ass (technical term) about most of the celebs. The piece in The Nation doesn't exactly accuse Woods of anything directly. But he sure does seem tone deaf when it comes to ethics and politics. And, of course, that doesn't even raise the issue of golf as a dead weight loss to the environment.



Blogger a.f.c.tank said...

Right, Tiger acted the hack on this one. Instead, on the golf- course-as-poor-land-use assertion:

I agree that facilities which use ecologically harmful chemicals as a rule are a "dead weight loss" on the environment; however, many traditional style courses, links courses and more and more newly built courses do make an effort to use less dangerous checmicals, such as fertilizers and pesticides derived from natural sources, as well as designing layouts based on natural topographical features to reduce the need for carbon-intensivce earth moving and shaping.

Overall, you're right, but if the public demands cleaner, "greener" recreation, the public will dictate future land use. And, as a contiguous green zone, a golf course, in a way, keeps far worse, far more unsightly development from irreparably scarring the landscape.

Thanks for the opportunity to comment.


02 December, 2009 11:11  

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