25 January 2010

Send Harold Ford Home

Whatever happened to "full disclosure"? Today The New York Times ran this Op-Ed by Harold Ford. It is more or less incoherent - urging deficit reduction, increased spending on health-care, and tax cuts as a "jobs" policy. Standard neo-liberal nuttiness. I will ignore the fact that arguably [1] [2] [3] if we want to promote economic recovery elsewhere than in the financial industry we ought not to become consumed with deficit reduction mania.

What is important is that Ford is writing a political essay (rumors abound that he plans to run for Senate from New York) and the folks at The Times are giving him a pass. They identify him with this phrase: "Harold Ford Jr. was a United States representative from Tennessee from 1997 to 2007." They neglect to point out that since 2007 Ford has been an executive at Merrill Lynch and that he has headed the Democratic Leadership Council. Now, those two entities are in one or another way culpable for the political-economic mess we are in. The DLC has abetted the latent desire of many Democrats to cross-dress as Republicans. And Merrill Lynch is elbow deep in the financial shenanigans that gave us the current economic crisis. Any surprise that Ford is recommending that Democrats move closer to the center and give business more tax breaks?

For succinct political portraits of Harold Ford including lots of reasons why New Yorkers ought to send him packing I recommend this essay at The Nation and this one at Mother Jones.



Blogger Public Squalor said...

No doubt. I'm also mystified as to why NPR regularly solicits pearls of wisdom from political hack Newt Gingrich.

I guess its important to show that they provide an outlet for the full spectrum of right-wing nuttery.

Go figure.

25 January, 2010 14:32  

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