08 February 2010

McCullin's Landscape

Towards an Iron Age hill fort, Somerset, 1991.
Photograph © Don McCullin.

As a follow-up to yesterday's post on Don McCullin, and prompted by a comment by Tom White, here is an example of the landscape work that McCullin has done in recent years.

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Blogger Dawei_in_Beijing said...

This guy's work is incredibly poetic and beautiful. Thank you for sharing!

08 February, 2010 15:17  
Blogger Tom White said...

Now that just makes me homesick for England.

10 February, 2010 22:58  
Blogger Myshelle said...

Well i want to see more of McCullins Landscapes. unfortunately this is the only one I've seen all through Google.
Im from India, and it was a delight to find his Photgraphs From his visit here. Simply beautiful. Wished there were more landscpaes we could have access to though.

10 March, 2010 04:44  

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