05 June 2010

New Magazine ~ Dide

Abu Moein Nasser Ibn Khosrow Ibn Hares Qobadiani Balkhi known
as Nasser Khosrow, 11th Century Poet and Philosopher. From: Where
the Heads of the Renowned Rest © Mohammad Ghazali.

Quite some time ago I wrote this post prompted by the work of a young Iranian photographer Mohammadreza Mirzaei. I like Mohammadreza's work quite a lot - it provokes thought. Well, I recently received an email from him telling me about a new monthly on-line photo magazine he and some colleagues have launched. The magazine, entitled Dide has now put out its third bi-lingual (Farsi/English) issue; each is dedicated to a single project by a single Iranian photographer. Thus far, Dide has featured work by Mohammad Ghazali, Zeinab Salarvand, and Mitra Tabrizian. I have to say that I like each of them in no small part because each contains a subtle thread of politics. Here is the editors' statement of intent:
According to the Persian vocabulary "Dide" means "eye", "glance", " being seen." But for us, Dide, is the name of an electronic monthly magazine published in both Farsi and English, and its main goal for the first year is to be able to emphasize notable works of Iranian photography. Each issue of Dide will focus on displaying one project, along with words and texts by photographers and critics. We are hopefully trying to depict the variety that identifies contemporary photography.
In any case, this is a project to keep an eye on (no pun intended) and to support however you are able.

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Blogger Public Squalor said...

Great stuff, Jim. Thanks for sharing.

~ peace

06 June, 2010 12:20  

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