21 June 2010

No Comment Needed

Photograph © Stephen Forbes.

Today I received an email from Stephen Forbes in Seattle, who attached this photograph. Whenever I see things like this I think - 'why can't I think of things like that!' Nothing revolutionary, just thought provoking. In any case, Stephen writes: "Hi Jim. ... I stumbled on this couple-of-years'-old negative last night, and realized there might be a story behind it that was up your alley ... To be clear, I took the photo -- I did not make the stencil or use it here. The sign is on an inconspicuous wall near a public park -- not visible from the street, but on a footpath into the park." A quick google search left me empty handed. (Thanks S.F.!)
P.S.: The image did remind me of this one (perhaps its premature converse?) which I just managed to track down in my very disorganized blog archive.



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