19 July 2010

David Taylor ~ Working the Line

Detention Cell 3 (with Serape), NM, 2007.
Photograph © David Taylor.

Border Monument # 184, 2010. Photograph © David Taylor.

US/Mexico Border Near El Paso/Juarez, 2007.
Photograph © David Taylor.

Borders are simultaneously historical, geographical, political, cultural in complex and arbitrary ways. That much is a truism. These three images are from a new book Working the Line by photographer David Taylor. The border monument is one among nearly 300, erected in the late 19th Century, that Taylor has photographed. Taylor lives and teaches in Las Cruces, New Mexico but has photographed the border from Texas through California. This is good work.

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Blogger Ryan Anderson said...

Jim how do you always find all this good stuff???

Taylor's work is really good. Thanks for the post.


20 July, 2010 13:59  
Blogger Francis Feline said...

Lines are tricky.

A line may define, may connect, and may separate surfaces, levels, ensembles, spaces but also times. An imaginary line could be carved in time, exactly the same way as in space: connecting, defining but most importantly separating.

Lines are wisdom.

21 July, 2010 18:31  

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