13 July 2010

Some Slick Photographs

Crude Awakening: Marissa. Photograph © Jane Fulton Alt.

I discovered this image among those in this slide show at The Guardian. I'd say the message is blunt, but not crude.



Blogger SilverTiger said...

I have been impressed by some of the photos you have featured but not by these. They make me uncomfortable. Unlike you, I do not find any "message" in them.

My discomfort is not because they show the horrors of a manmade disaster but because they try to make art by playing with it. To my mind, an amateur snap of an oiled seabird is far more eloquent than these carefully posed, carefully made up models.

Of course, the photographer has a perfect right to make (I say "make" rather than "take") these photos. Equally, I have a right to neither like nor approve of them.

14 July, 2010 05:06  

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