08 August 2010

Passings ~ Joanna Steichen (1933-2010)

Joanna Steichen, third wife of photographer Edward Steichen has died. The New York Times ran this obituary. This may seem a bit of a stretch as the basis for a post. But it is a good thing, I think, to puncture the photographer-as-hero-genius myth that pervades the profession. Not only are those who make images captive to those who inhabit a host of institutional arrangements (e.g., editors, curators, publishers, galleries, museums, agencies, etc.), but they often are beholden too to the active collaboration of inspiring subjects (e.g., [1] [2]) and of supportive families and creative staff. (Joanna Steichen clearly falls into that category; but she is not alone if one thinks, for instance, of Lélia Wanick Salgado or of the staff Ed Burtynski has put together to fabricate his prints.)

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Blogger robert e said...

You mean Edward Steichen (not "Albert").

08 August, 2010 13:31  
Blogger Jim Johnson said...

Indeed I do! Thanks. I've fixed it.

08 August, 2010 14:55  

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