22 August 2010

What is up at The Photography Post?

The first time it happened I figured there must be some sort of technical snafu. That was when the image I've lifted above appeared on The Photography Post which runs a live feed from my blog. In that instance, the white on gray replaced the image from this post. That was several days ago. Today, I opened this post with the same image and .... surprise, it was replaced on the live feed with the same white on gray. Coincidence? Given that, to the best of my knowledge, this has not happened with any earlier posts, I suspect not. What's with that?
Update: As the comments make clear, my initial suspicions were correct. This was simply a technical problem. The simplest explanation is pretty often actually the correct one. My apologies.



Blogger Stan B. said...

Very interesting "coincidence."

22 August, 2010 23:21  
Blogger armyof said...

Hi Jim,

The extension must be a jpg, gif, or tif.


23 August, 2010 08:35  
Blogger The Photography Post said...


Change the file extension to a jpg, gif, or tif.


23 August, 2010 08:43  
Blogger Stan B. said...


23 August, 2010 10:34  
Blogger Jim Johnson said...

Ooops is right. I didn't know that the image lacked the suffix nor that the PP site required it. Argggghh!

24 August, 2010 11:54  

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