09 September 2010

Best Shots (130) ~ Marcus Bleasdale

(157) Marcus Bleasdale ~ Child Soldier. Ituri Province, Democratic
Republic of Congo, 2003, (8 September 2010).

I usually do not comment on installments to The Guardian's "Best Shot" series. But this week there is a short, very insightful and intriguing video interview with Bleasdale that I recommend to you - click on the date above. Here are two remarks he makes that are incredibly telling.
"I don't want you to see one child, carrying one Kalashnikov, riding one bike there. I want you to kind of see all of them. I want you to kind of extrapolate to 30,000. There are thirty thousand of these kids out there. This is just one of them. I think that is why I find this image so important."

"The driving force behind this work is the statistics ... It's five point four million people who've died in Congo since 1998. That's the largest death toll in the world since the Second World War. ... Ummm ... That's what drives me ..."
This central problem - of capturing large numbers, of conveying "statistics" - is what I find so interesting.

Notice too - that Bleasdale, denies he's an artist and that he expresses, indeed embraces, a deep anger about the indifference the rest of the world displays toward disasters in Congo and elsewhere.

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Blogger Stan B. said...

Curiously, while there is the absolute and immediate need to publicize and somehow find the ways and means to address and ameliorate this abhorrent situation in the Congo- there is also the need to show Africa as a diverse region with various, everyday concerns. Not particularly easy when you have a country (take the USA for example) whose populace, including some of its very "leaders," can't distinguish Africa the continent from Africa the "country."

10 September, 2010 18:54  
Blogger zara said...

Great shot, and words

25 November, 2010 06:00  

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