23 September 2010

Best Shots (133) ~ Katrin Koenning



Blogger David Mannion said...

I know that it is not usually advisable to say one does not "get" why a work of art is considered to be a "best shot", but perhaps some one might try to explain something about it to me without feeling that my ignorance deserves rebuke?

24 September, 2010 07:30  
Blogger Jim Johnson said...


This category of posts is not my assessment of the work, but rather the choice of the photographer him-or-her-self; the is a series in The Guardian called "Best Shots" where they ask the photographer to pick one image of their own that they especially like. Then they run a little explanation from the photographer about what makes it their "best."

I like the series because it allows photographers to talk about their work, something they often are reluctant to do.

In any case, you are hardly alone. Many of the shots in this series are simply mysterious to me. In any case, in each post I link to the initial page at The Guardian - click on the date. And I try to locate the photographer's web page if there is one.

24 September, 2010 10:32  

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