19 September 2010

Sowing Confusion? Throwing Us Off the Track? ... Those Clever Muslims

Well, it is working on me I'll tell ya! Here is a photo of President Obama - you know Barack Hussein Obama, the Muslim - along with his family, having just attended services at St. John's Episcopal church this morning. Huh? It must a one of those photo shop deals. That guy in the vestments doesn't look like a Imam, but I'm sure it's just a clever disguise. Must be. It's all part of a coordinated propaganda campaign. No doubt about that!



Blogger SilverTiger said...

When will there be a president with the courage to state that he is an atheist and a secularist?

Now that would be something to hang out the flags about.

One type of deluded world view isn't really any better than another, especially in a man who wields terrible armed might.

20 September, 2010 08:52  
Blogger Jim Johnson said...

I couldn't agree more. Two problems with American politics generally:

(1) The only relevant sort of "service" is military service ... as though learning how to follow orders in an authoritarian structure and learning how to kill are the best training for politics;

(2) The only sort of "morality" that counts is religiously based ... and all we have to do is ignore all the repressive policies and bad behavior that get implemented in the name of religion.


20 September, 2010 10:26  
Blogger Jim Johnson said...

... and, of course, there is the problem that everything is bought and paid for .... with my buck-two-fifty worth as much as the millions that deep pocket types pour in.

20 September, 2010 10:45  

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