22 September 2010

Why Bernie Sanders Misunderstands the Political Problem in DC ...

Sen. Bernie Sanders, an Independent from Vermont who works closely with Democrats, said in a statement obtained by The Huffington Post that he won't vote to confirm Jacob "Jack" Lew, Obama's nominee to head the Office of Management and Budget because, after meeting with Lew, the senator "found too many echoes of the failed policies of the past in his responses to my questions on trade policy, Social Security, deregulation of banks and other issues."

"It is my strong belief that President Obama needs an OMB director who is willing to stand up to corporate America and the wealthy, say enough is enough, and fight for policies that protect the working class in this country," Sanders said in a statement. "Unfortunately, I do not believe Mr. Lew is the right man at this time for this important job."

I generally like Bernie Sanders - Senator from Vermont. Unfortunately, he is on the wrong track. What we need is a President who will do the things he suggests. What we have is a centrist who wants to coddle the wealthy and the corporate sector and gives barely a hoot about working people. It is not that he has tried and failed to do what Sanders wants. It is that he's not tried and has no intention of doing so. Never did.



Blogger VQ Bubba said...

EJ Dionne is considerably more optimistic about the potential for Obama to return to his roots on the left. This piece though left me agreeing with your post that he is in fact a centrist.


30 September, 2010 11:08  

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