08 November 2010

Hot Off the Presses: Aesthetics & World Politics

"Photography is very related to poetry. It's suggestive
and fragmentary and unsatisfying in a lot of ways.
It's the art of limitation: framing the world."
~ Alec Soth

Among the truly gratifying things that come from writing this blog and more generally pursuing seemingly random interests at the intersection of photography and politics is the excuse all that has provided to make connections with interesting and curious people whom I'd otherwise never encounter. Today in the mail I received a copy of this new book* by Roland Bleiker who teaches international politics at the University of Queensland. While we've never actually met, Roland has graciously tolerated a number of pestering emails from me over the past couple of years. And he has kindly had his publisher send me a copy of the book which ranges across politics, poetry and the visual arts.
* Roland Bleiker. 2010. Aesthetics and World Politics. Palgrave Macmillan.



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