05 November 2010

John Berger (5 November 1926 - )

What with all my griping about our recent electoral mayhem, I came close to overlooking the fact that today is the birthday of John Berger (pictured above circa 2008). I admire him immensely. And, unable to totally give up my griping, I want to offer a passage from Berger. I was reminded of it by the harping of the Republicans - McConnell, Boehner and their lot, as they proclaim loudly (as though saying something loudly will somehow make it more persuasive instead of more irritating) - about what 'the American people' were saying in the election. So, here is John Berger:
"The word we, when printed or pronounced on screens, has become suspect, for it is continually used by those in power in the demagogic claim that they are also speaking for those denied power."

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