01 December 2010

Tell the Bigots it is Time to Get Over It, Don't Coddle Them!

Let's see, Federal Judges, the President, the Secretary of Defense and Chairman of the joint Chiefs, Most Democrats in Congress, roughly two-thirds of the men and women serving in the military, and majorities in the general population too - all support ending discrimination in the basis of sexual orientation in the military. Republicans, of course, stand in the way. And now they will surely demand that we need to accommodate the bigots - those few in the military who oppose serving with gay men and women. We lose military personnel because of the current policy. If we lose some because they simply cannot bear the thought that some of their co-workers might be gay, that is simply too damned bad. Obama ought to be taking the lead on this not sitting back waiting. His present stance is not pragmatism, it is cowardice.

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