11 April 2011

Four Years

My middle son Jeffrey died four years ago today. This is him holding his baby brother August the prior fall. Among the numerous cruelties of Jeff's death is that August (now 5) will never have the chance to get to know him.

Then there are the little ironies. This afternoon Nazareth played Cortland in lacrosse (a thorough thrashing, it must be said, by Cortland). At half-time we learned - via loudspeaker - that my oldest son Douglas's hard work has paid off. He was named the Nazareth Scholar-Athlete of the year from his team; the award goes to a player who is integral to the team and puts in strong academic performance as well. There is no one who would be prouder of Doug's accomplishment than Jeffrey.

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Blogger bastinptc said...

My thoughts and sympathies are with you, Jim.

12 April, 2011 00:21  
Blogger sconsetmonkey said...

Please know that my boys, 10 and 13, understand why Pittsford wears 23. They wear 19 on their helmets for one of our players that also lost his life at too young an age.

It's about respect. It's about compassion.

Many who have never had the pleasure of knowing your son think of you and your family on this day.

Be well.

12 April, 2011 06:22  
Blogger Linda said...

JJ - Though I have always been awkwardly silent these four years, please know that your bond with your boys touches me deeply.

12 April, 2011 06:40  

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