27 April 2011

Jumping Through Hoops to Satisfy Paranoid Right-Wing Conspiracy Theorists

Are you satisfied? Please note: what has been "proven" here is that those who've been fixated on this nonsense are morons. This whole episode is a prime piece of evidence for establishing competency tests for citizenship.*
* For another such episode look here. Lunacy is bi-partisan.

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Blogger Cyranos DeMet said...

I am disgusted and deeply offended by the blatantly racist attitudes of those who are known as the birthers, the ones Donald Trump has been championing in the media. And more, I am deeply concerned for the safety of the nation where that segment of the population is concerned. I am, because what I feel even more than disgust is a deep sense of unease at how perilously close the social demographic represented by “the birthers” are to overt violence. The mentally ill can be very dangerous, and they are in fact mentally ill, unable to accept reality. In this context it is moot to ask if their illness is naturally occurring or was inflicted on them by decades of psycho-addictive propaganda corroding their ability to remain rational once the propaganda is withdrawn. They’re still dangerously unstable.

When the leader of the Southern Baptist church speaks out to say the actions and attitudes of the “birther” segment are beyond sanity, beyond justification it is solid evidence of an illness, not an attitude. It is also solid evidence the social compression of the propaganda campaign that created that mental illness is starting to fade. Sarah Palin has fallen from favor, if Donald Trump is her replacement then the enemies reserves are indeed transparent thin. That man has been a joke now for well over a decade, a symbol of everything false and immoral in the stereotype of America brought to a justice of his own making. If he’s the best they’ll commit to combat then they’re desperately short of manpower with a working brain.

What scares me is they probably don’t need anything better, the damage has been done, and won’t be undone for fifty years under the best of conditions. Sad truth: if some other power player of planet earth didn’t want the United States to rebuild and return to the global markets as a power player in her own right they could do a lot worse than to inflict a 20% incidence of superstition driven paranoia on the nation, which looks to me like exactly what has been done. That has a way of kind of draining down any nation, any group of people responsible for their own survival, compelling them deal with one in five of their own population who is just flat bat dung crazy.

Yea, 20%, the approximate percentage of the American population that poll numbers say fully subscribe to the birther mentality. Don’t look for prosperity soon, not pulling that kind of deadweight.

29 April, 2011 16:01  

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