08 May 2011

Shifts in Union Political Tactics?

Susan has brought a couple of heartening news items to my attention. The first, from Salon, is this interview with AFL-CIO president Rich Trumka, whom I admire very much. Trumka, who supported Obama's election courageously,is now highly critical of the administration for its failure to support a working class oriented economic agenda. He promises a campaign push for state and local candidates. The second is this news report from The New York Times indicating that the International Association of Firefighters plans to re-orient their campaign spending away from Federal races too.

I actually think that the unions ought to give money only to Congressional representatives and Senators who support the progressive caucus. Susan thinks they ought to find a bunch of safe Democratic districts and mount primary challenges to incumbent Democrats. The aim would be to run union members for those seats. I think both tactics are worth pursuing in addition to running hard against right-wing governors.

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