13 July 2011

Political Ineptitude of the Highest Sort

As I read here in The New York Times about the political-economic precipice we are being driven toward, I started to get cranky. The President and Democratic leadership ought not to have let things go this long without calling the Republican's bluff. And they surely ought not to have muddied the issue of the debt by floating all sorts of truly irrelevant issues like "reforming" Social Security. All that, though, is water under the bridge. The Republican leadership apparently has zero control over their House delegation (in a sense this episode is the converse of watching Obama/Reid/Pelosi try to keep the Congressional Democrats vaguely in line on healthcare reform). Indeed, the House Republicans are solidly anchoring the right of the spectrum on budget reduction - making Republican voters look positively moderate by comparison. Moreover, the field of Republican presidential pretenders is being shrill and other worldly as they court their reactionary "base." In other words there is plenty of blame to go around here. That said, the only consolation to be had as the politicians get set to send the economy circling the bowl is that the Republicans will have shot themselves squarely in the foot. Their reactionary posturing is (hopefully) suicidal.

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