09 July 2011

What Is So Christian About That?

There is a remarkably sad story here in The New York Times about what your Grandma knows, but fundamentalist Christians seem not to have learned. The bottom line? If men and women, especially fertile young men and women, have unprotected sex the quite predictable result is babies!

What the Fundamentalists like to call "natural family planning" clearly is not birth control. Neither is it family planning. The couple profiled in this report used "natural family planning" to have multiple unplanned babies in a half dozen years. Neither, after all that, is it natural since it requires men and women to count and calculate and to abstain at the point where fertility and desire are strongest. And refraining or abstaining at that point amounts to intervening in "natural" processes that have evolved to maximize the chance to reproduce.

Now Sam and Bethany are recanting the propaganda they spewed early on about the wonders of "natural family planning." But that is not going to do anything to protect all the earnest young Christians who follow their unsound, irresponsible advice. That is the sad part of the story - these kids were so damned sure of themselves, they embraced their fanaticism so thoroughly, that they freely peddled advice to other kids. That advice turns out to be just so much bullshit. And now Bethany and Sam go on about their lives with a shrug - "oh well!" - and 15 minutes of fame in The Times.

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