19 October 2011

Andrew Cuomo a "Game Changer"?

Governor Andrew Cuomo and Arianna Huffington at the
Huffington Post "Game Changers" event, Tuesday Oct. 18,
2011 in New York (Photo Credit: Billy Farrell, BFAnyc.com).

I have to say that Arianna bungled this one. According to the HuffPost account: "The event honored forward-thinking leaders and visionaries changing their respective fields, from Politics to Style to Food and Travel. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was presented with the Game Changer of the Year award for his historic work to legalize gay marriage in New York." While he may deserve some credit for the gay marriage law (I would give way more to the various state legislators and senators of both parties who placed themselves in real political jeopardy by supporting the legislation), Cuomo is in other respects a deeply problematic figure. He refused to sustain taxes on high income earners in the state, choosing instead to try balancing the NY State budget on the backs of public sector workers. In that sense, Cuomo is only a slightly kinder-gentler version of Scott Walker.

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