29 October 2011

If You Look up Venality in the Dictionary Today ... You'll find a Snapshot of Quantas CEO Alan Joyce

So, here is a report from August 2011 on the incredible profitability of Quantas airlines for the fiscal year ending June 2011. (Bottom line: net profit more than doubled during the period. And the projection was for even greater profitability in the current period: "The company forecast that yield in the first half of financial 2012 was expected to be higher than the first half 2010/11.")

Yet, today in The Guardian is this report on the lock out of workers that Quantas initiated today - with virtually no warning to anyone, including the Australian government. The airline has literally shut down operations in the face of what it proclaims "unreasonable" demands on the part of unionized workers.

Is this an example of the distinction Rawls draws between rational and reasonable? Or, do I not grasp the concept of reasonable? Or, is it simply that Joyce and the other Quantas execs are unreasonably venal?

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